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Data Analytics and Big Data Solutions By BPMLinks

Digital Transformation is no longer reserved for large enterprises only; it is well within the reach of small and medium-size organizations. The post-Covid-19 consumer behavior necessitates businesses expedite their digital transformation to remain competitive.

Organizations have access to vast amounts of data, mostly dormant within their data center walls. Advanced data analytics can extract deep insights enabling an organization to make timely data-driven decisions. BPMLinks assists clients to build data competencies and help transform to a data-driven company.

Data Analytics & Big Data Solutions

Data Strategy

In today's business landscape, effective data management is paramount for success, requiring organizations to develop agile data strategies that align with current realities. Our Data Strategy service empowers your team to prioritize business outcomes, gain a comprehensive understanding of key success metrics, and address critical business inquiries, enabling you to respond swiftly and strategically. The power of a data strategy is that it positions your business to deliver the best possible solution as your organization’s needs grow and evolve. Your data strategy is a roadmap and means for addressing both current and future data management needs.

Data Architecture

In the digital era, data is the lifeblood of organizations, and the ability to architect and manage data effectively is crucial. Our Data Architecture service equips your business with a robust framework to optimize data organization, integration, and accessibility, empowering you to harness the full potential of your data assets. By leveraging our expertise, you can design a scalable and agile data architecture that aligns with your unique business requirements, ensuring seamless data flow, enhanced analytics capabilities, and informed decision-making.

Data Governance

A data-driven transformation involves the use of data analytics. However, the main roadblocks to advanced analytics are poor data quality and fragmented data, often due to fragmented architecture. Unfortunately, data complexity and the necessity of Security and Compliance requirements also add to the pain. A well-defined and enforced streamlined processes to manage data – definitions, processing, quality, access, and the complete data lifecycle from creation to destruction are necessary before any advanced analytics implementation. BPMLinks experts can help define governance processes across all your data sources – including legacy and externally sourced.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is designing and building a robust foundation for various analytics using modern architectural principles. This is especially important if the critical data is spread across many repositories or an organization has a complex IT landscape that prohibits integration, scalability, or security. In addition to enabling an organization to securely collect, store, process, and analyze large volumes of data, the platform should also expand capabilities such as processing of non-structured data, integration with 3rd party data, and real-time access. BPMLinks can architect and implement a secured solution to satisfy today’s and tomorrow's needs.

Business Intelligence

Data Visualization is more than pretty dashboards – it’s about identifying and understanding the business questions and the data required to answer them. It’s about building data stories that enable quick and effective business decisions. It’s also about transforming an organization into a data-literate and one that thrives on data and data-driven decisions. BPMLinks experts can help develop a compass that creates increased transparency and accountability by providing visibility to core KPIs – those KPIs based on the client’s strategy and goals so that the organization can become more competitive, resilient, and sustainable.

Applied Analytics

Data Analytics requires a high-level of expertise – an uncanny aptitude to integrate complex data structures, business processes, and diverse technology components. A well-designed data analytics solution can provide significant insights, support cost savings, increase productivity, drive business growth, improve organizational efficiency, and elevate the whole organization to become a data-driven company. BPMLinks can implement an advanced analytics solution using sophisticated techniques beyond traditional analytics to uncover deeper insights from data. Insights that can drive your business forward. Our experts can leverage and exploit machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, and predictive modeling to identify patterns and trends in data and make predictions about future outcomes. Let us help you on your AI/ML journey.

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