Virtual / Remote Offering Solutions

Virtual / Remote offering is a two-way video call using virtual meeting services, advanced security features and other business capabilities that makes it unique. It provides a cost-effective, customized, flexible, and fully engaging solution for companies to meet the changing needs of business and challenges of the current world scenario. Companies are striving to provide key services to their customers through a video call on the phone or computer, anytime and from anywhere in the world.

BPMLinks has developed a comprehensive portfolio of virtual services across industries to ensure virtual engagement using a stable technology platform while maintaining data privacy. Please find below more details on the virtual offerings from BPMLinks.

Paycheck Protection Program

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness is a funding program initiated and governed by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). It is aimed at providing a direct incentive for small businesses (borrowers) to keep their employees on the payroll. SBA allows borrowers to apply for forgiveness of their PPP loan with the lender. PPP loans are eligible for full or partial forgiveness if all employee retention criteria are met and the funds are used as per SBA Guidelines.

BPMLinks has developed a PPP Forgiveness application that simplifies and automates the Loan Forgiveness process. Please click the below links for more details.

Mobile Framework

There is a paradigm shift among companies in the way business is conducted. Many companies are shifting their focus from the traditional desktop websites to mobile applications in order to improve the customer experience, reduce time to market and reach the targeted audiences faster. Mobile frameworks are the software used by application developers to develop cross-platform compatible mobile applications. These frameworks simplify and accelerate the entire application development process. Companies need to select the right framework, platform and development strategy to develop fully-functional mobile applications that can cater to different devices, multiple screen sizes and resolutions. This is pivotal to the success of their business initiatives.

MobiliFI is a banking framework developed by BPMLinks for financial institutions. However, it can be used seamlessly to develop mobile applications across a wide spectrum of business domains such as public utilities, insurance and retail. MobiliFI framework enables creating applications for both iOS, Android platforms with ease and in a shorter duration. Please find below more details on the mobile framework from BPMLinks.

SaaS Conversion using SMAC

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud Computing (SMAC) – the integration of four technologies essential for creating a digital transformation in business. It involves shifting a company’s priority from the traditional application architecture to cloud migration and Software as a Service (SaaS) conversion. Adopting SaaS using SMAC enables the company to optimize cloud security, reduce cost of ownership, increase productivity and develop innovative solutions that result in better decision-making capabilities and improved interaction with customers.

BPMLinks has implemented an industry-leading Resource Optimization and Schedule Management software for the media and broadcast industry. This application enables customers to reduce their operating costs, improve operation efficiency, increase utilization of resources, and thereby achieve better return on investment. Please find below more details on BPMLinks’ SaaS conversion engagement.