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Our Work

Payment Hub Platform

VBank app offers both banks and customers a seamless experience in virtual branch banking. The app enables banks to work with customers directly without having them come to the branch. Banks can validate their customers identity, sign documents virtually, and use the recorded logging capability to meet all regulatory audit requirements. Customers can use the app to choose a branch, initiate a video session with a specific banker, and schedule a call back on a specific time window based on their convenience. It allows customers to check their network for poor bandwidth, change the debit card PIN and upload necessary documents to the bank at ease.

Enterprise Client Portal

BPMLinks has developed an end-to-end comprehensive digital application for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). This enables US banks to support the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and allows customers to submit PPP applications online. The application can integrate with leading payroll suppliers for PPP forgiveness process automation within the largest segment of loans, leverage SBA’s E-Tran APIs, and integrate with DocuSign to ensure security and compliance.

Consumer Mobile Banking

The mobile framework architecture was built with features for core banking such as balance and transactions, transfers and payments, bill pay, and check deposit. It has externalized authentication and authorization with multifactor to meet FS-ISAC standard. The solution has also implemented iOS/Android specific human interface guidelines to provide similar experience as device platform. It has a fully customizable user interface to meet branding requirements.

Digital Channel Integrated Identity and Access Management

BPMLinks Smart Message solution contains all the essential elements to create and track a seamless journey for customers. The solution creates a unified customer experience with omni-channel messaging across all of your digital channels via Smart Message platform to interact with your audience, and deliver more personalized messages using email, SMS and push notifications.

Scheduling Software

BPMLinks has implemented an industry-leading Resource Optimization and Schedule Management software for the media and broadcast industry. The application has integrated modules for Event management, Crew management, Asset management, Personnel management, Scheduling resources and assets, in addition to scheduling tasks and controlling cost incurred for resources and assets. This application enables customers to reduce their operating costs, improve operation efficiency, increase utilization of resources, and thereby achieve better return on investment. The scheduling solution is a multi-tenant cloud hosted solution implemented in microservices based architecture to enable faster scalability and better performance during peak loads.