Labor Condition Application (LCA) Posts

Notice of filing of Labor Condition Application’s with the Employment and Training Administration of the United States Department of Labor.

These LCA information documents are being posted in accordance with the United States Department of Labor regulations. Click on the links below to download PDF forms.

I-200-23017-707469Boca Raton,USA01/24/2023
I-200-22228-419853Boca Raton,USA08/23/2022
I-200-22167-288356Boca Raton,USA06/19/2022
I-200-22167-288519Boca Raton,USA06/19/2022
I-200-22166-282025Boca Raton,USA06/18/2022
I-200-22164-275426Boca Raton,USA06/16/2022
I-200-22164-275375Boca Raton,USA06/16/2022
I-200-22163-271115Boca Raton,USA06/12/2022
I-200-22083-008146Round Rock, TX6 Apr,2022
I-200-22043-898169Charlotte, NC18 Feb, 2022
I-200-21321-711511Tampa, FL25 Nov, 2021
I-200-21321-711426Marietta, GA24 Nov, 2021
I-200-21224-518886Miami-Dade, FL20 Aug, 2021
I-200-21223-516188Rockland, NY19 Aug, 2021
I-200-21148-353182Atlanta, GA09 Jun, 2021
I-200-21050-088210Atlanta, GA26 Feb, 2021
I-200-20267-841196 Atlanta, GA 30 Sep, 2020
I-200-20247-804763Atlanta, GA11 Sep, 2020
I-200-20247-804734Atlanta, GA11 Sep, 2020
I-200-20212-743601Atlanta, GA07 Aug, 2020
I-200-20205-731481Atlanta, GA04 Aug, 2020
I-200-20203-726474Atlanta, GA04 Aug, 2020
I-200-20189-700120 Atlanta, GA17 Jul, 2020
I-200-20150-612468Atlanta, GA 12 Jul, 2020
I-200-20129-555032 Atlanta,GA12 Jun, 2020
I-200-20127-547521Atlanta, GA12 Jun, 2020
I-200-20073-406076Atlanta, GA07 Apr, 2020
I-200-19240-252236Plantation, FL07 Oct, 2019
I-200-19268-731414Pitsburgh, PA07 Oct, 2019
I-200-19077-700460Atlanta, GA26 Mar, 2019
I-200-19064-748111Atlanta, GA18 Mar, 2019
I-200-19060-537250Atlanta, GA18 Mar, 2019
I-200-19064-860292Atlanta, GA18 Mar, 2019
I-200-19038-239895Atlanta, GA04 Mar, 2019
I-200-19038-239895Atlanta, GA15 Feb, 2019
I-200-19025-685383Atlanta, GA01 Feb, 2019
I-200-18341-298767Alpharetta, GA17 Dec, 2018
I-200-18260-051427Atlanta, GA14 Dec, 2018
I-200-18219-910245Atlanta, GA14 Aug, 2018
I-200-18207-640764Atlanta, GA03 Aug, 2018
I-200-18023-962630Glen allen, VA12 Feb, 2018
I-200-18009-746478Atlanta, GA18 Jan, 2018
I-200-17341-024632Norfolk, VA15 Dec, 2017
I-200-17279-501199Atlanta, GA16 Oct, 2017
I-200-17258-684714Atlanta, GA25 Sep, 2017
I-200-17074-245245Atlanta, GA25 Aug, 2017
I-200-17229-821392Atlanta, GA24 Aug, 2017
I-200-17193-408669Atlanta, GA31 Jul, 2017