IT Operations


In today’s 24/7 business environment, application failure or unexpected downtime can frustrate end users and devastate your bottom line. As budgets shrink and application environments grow more complex, it pays to have an experienced IT strategy partner who can specialize in application development and application support.

BPMLinks manages mission-critical applications for some of the world’s most successful companies.

We work with you to understand your business and devise customized solutions maximize application availability, agility and predictability.IT consulting with us is crucial. The result? Lower costs, less risk, a faster response to market opportunities — and the support you need to achieve your long-term objectives.

We have built our knowledge base with Java, Micro Services, Spring Boot and other mission-critical software platforms.


Our BPM Practice provides best in class Business Process Management (BPM) strategies and solutions to customers across verticals like Banking / Insurance / Retail and Healthcare. Our BPM Consultants focus on executing / delivering end to end business process optimization and improvements to maximize business efficiency and cost effectiveness. We specialize in BPM technologies: PEGA PRPC, IBM BPM, Appian and JBPM.

Our Successful engagements with leading companies across the globe have equipped our domain consultants with in-depth industry understanding. Our analytics and process re-engineering capabilities help us drive actionable optimization and transformation. Our strategic alliances and robust technical capabilities have helped us ensure large-scale BPM implementations with integration from strategy to execution.

Service Offerings

Create a business process automation/optimization strategy for the existing and new line of business

Business Process Implementation using efficient and cost effective model

Business Process Modeling for new processes and manage existing processes

Support and Maintenance to provide skilled support for and maintenance of BPM engagements

Technical Capabilities

PEGA PRPC 6.1/6.3 and 7.0




Direct Capture Objectives

Product Configuration/Customization

Infrastructure Setup

Industry Expertise







BPMLinks innovative testing services help testing organization be a catalyst for speed, agility and business performance while achieving radical productivity. We offer the entire breadth and depth of testing services across a variety of applications, digital technologies and industries delivered under flexible business arrangements.

Our testing services include:

Quality Engineering – Enabling automation, performance and security across the application lifecycle.

Digital Testing- Delivering a seamless user experience across devices, interfaces, networks and platforms.

Enterprise Testing – Providing services for every leading packaged application, custom systems and SaaS platforms.


BPMLinks software testing team offers performance testing services to guarantee that you don’t experience customer dissatisfaction or employees’ idle time caused by performance outages, unacceptable response time and system malfunctioning under heavy load levels. We help you avoid any bottlenecks in your software and ensure its reliable work.

Our performance testing services include:

Load testing

We check system behavior under a set of expected load variations that help identify a number of connections the system can handle while delivering a certain response time. We also detect system bottlenecks and determine which system element is causing them.

Stress testing

We identify the maximum operating capacity the system can handle in terms of extreme load. Then we check whether it will perform sufficiently if the current load goes above the expected maximum. This helps to plan the potential outrages that can result in new system connections.

Scalability testing

We measure the capability of a system to scale as more load is applied to it. We help to understand at which point the system stops scaling and identify the reasons for this. Results of scalability testing can be used to plan for future growth and avoid over-investment in hardware.

Stability testing

We Check whether the system remains stable over an extended time span (including 24/7 operation). This helps evaluate the risk of downtime to plan maintenance activities.