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Challenges and Existing Problems

The concerns we hear from our customers are “How do we release on-time?”, “How can we have a stable software release?” or “How can we address the problems before end users get impacted?” Our solution to our customer is adopting BPMLinks DevOps solution. The majority of IT professionals or customers are not aware of DevOps or just have a partial understanding of the big picture.

At BPMLinks, we see DevOps as a business driven software delivery approach, an approach that takes a new or enhanced business idea from design to development to testing and all the way to production, providing business value to customers in an e cient manner. Here are some of the existing problems in IT industry. • Building and maintaining servers which is time consuming and unproductive • No environment management – Differences in development and production environments • Slow deployments – Costly error prone manual process and eorts • No shared ownership – Lack of feedback and proper metric leads

Adopting EnCIME Solution Accelerator

On adopting EnCIME Solution Accelerator, organizations can unlock new business opportunities to address their development and delivery needs that includes:

Configurable application deployment settings (product, version, environments, schedules).

Creates deployment ZIP file with required rules and associated data.

Performs pre-deployment validation, validating rules status etc.

Creates deployment files which include zip files, con¬guration¬les, scripts & data instances.

Stores deployment files in a source-safe such as TFS / GIT BPMLinks Approach.

Deploys based on the deployment schedule (imports ZIP and associated files) into the target environment.

Performs deployment validation by verifying logs, running application speci¬c test scripts, checking performance.

Provides dashboard with deployment statistics and application performance post deployment.


Mobile enable Financial Institutions customers using the native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Technology platform and strategic vision to delight the customer’s digital banking experience with intuitive and easy to use features.

Accelerate the development of the “Time to Market” features and help financial institutions customer acquisition and retention.

Superior customer experience in terms of customer specific branding, intuitive navigation and personalization.

Helps to achieve strategic goals of Financial Institutions on implementing MobiliFI.


Built on a flexible infrastructure Smart Messaging empowers you with the easiness of integration to your systems. Whether run on-premises or on cloud Smart Messaging delivers you the high performance you need to interact with your customers.

Our Smart Messaging solution contains all the essential elements to create and track a seamless customer journey. Create a unified customer experience with omnichannel messaging across all of your digital channels via Smart Message platform to interact with your audience to deliver more personalized messages.