Data Engineering

Data platforms have a wide-range of use, such as analyzing data, processing and presenting potential solutions to the organization.  In a broader perceptive a data platform is an end-to-end data management solution for effectively managing (collecting, transforming, unifying) enormous amounts of data, to comply with the business requirements.

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Data Migration

Data migration is an important aspect for business intelligence, analytics and reporting. To drive and realize business objectives the full potential of data needs to harnessed.

BPMLinks has got proven expertise in this area. Leveraging people and technology BPMLinks can help you in migrating from a legacy storage solution to a new generation, scalable data store, which are suitable for modern age business needs and are secured from unwanted threats. As you start your Data Journey, BPMLinks will ensure to make it a worthy start, by migrating your servers to Cloud, Traditional queries to NoSQL, Data warehousing, Enabling replicas for reporting needs etc.

Irrespective of the use case for data migration, BPMLinks can help you in achieving the desired objectives.

Data Mesh

Data Technology has been continuously evolving over years. Creating data solutions by connecting data sources spread across different technologies is a challenging task to accomplish. The other way to solve the problem is to maintain a data lake as a parent data source and synchronize the data into a common location, but it is an expensive option and has to be managed efficiently. This is where, the Data Mesh emerges as an alternate solution by offering analytical solutions without moving the data from their sources.

 BPMLinks has got a team of experts to help organizations in implementing data mesh solutions. Data Mesh is not just a simple technology solution, it requires few modifications to the Data Architecture. Depending on the use case, these changes may be worth investing in, rather than depending on a data centralisation solution – as they require sizeable investments for efficient management.

Database Administration

While BPMLinks thrive to build feature rich products for customers, it is equally important, not to compromise on aspects like design, storage, querying , performance, back ups, recovery, encryption, I/O – of underlying data bases as they are the key drivers for optimal performance.

BPMLinks provides advanced database administration services in both cloud and hosted databases, with the support and services of expert teams in administrating many types of databases, such as MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.

Big Data management

Data comes in all varieties. In a technological world where each device, app or software is generating enormous amounts of data with a hope that “No data is a bad data”, organizations need efficient technologies, processes and tools to handle the data for future needs. It is not possible to store everything at the same location and process it in a similar manner.

BPMLinks experienced resources  understand how to apply the right storage solution, based on the type of data, usability and accessibility requirements. BPMLinks apply ETL processes as required to store normalised BIG data sets; design and implement data ware house solutions to hold BIG data. Well manage Data, will promote and develop your business.

Data Science and Machine learning

Data is not straightforward and it cannot be. On a frequent basis we need a lot of effort to cleanse, process and make it structured, before applying further processes such as Intelligence, Analytics, Train Algorithms. Just like any data, the related process is also not straight forward, It requires expert resources, processes and tools.

BPMLinks has got a rich pool of talented data scientists to perform these functions. Technological skills of our teams coupled with deep domain knowledge enables BPMLinks to offer quick and efficient solutions. The BPMLinks team is also proficient in creating, training the ML (machine learning) models , deploying them, constantly evaluating them in order to enhance the accuracy levels of ML models, in production.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

“Those who don’t learn from History will end up repeating the same mistakes”. The statement it is so accurate in Data world. Are you looking to unearth the hidden truths that your data is holding? In need of complex data analysis (multiple sources, complex relations, complex structures etc…) of raw data to arrive at meaningful insights and take informed business decisions?

BPMLinks offers a wide range of solutions, to match your requirements. BPMLinks has provided services and solutions to a number of enterprises and helped them to properly utilize, their data to make critical business decisions. BPMLinks elicit what happened (Business Intelligence) and Why is it happening (Analytics) and rest is up to you.

Reports and Dashboards

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. Not everything can be well explained in numbers or words, especially when we are trying to understand the data. Sometimes it is easier to understand with Graphs, charts, heat maps, coloured bars etc.

BPMLinks delivers detail oriented accurate reports and dashboards for easy and better analysis of the data. Be it be, an executive level reports/dashboards or drill down reports/dashboards. BPMLinks have experts in showcasing the data as you require by using powerBI or Tableau.