Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are not just limited to companies or websites, rather anyone who is connected to the internet are equally vulnerable. Therefore everyone who is employing modern-day technologies in their day-to-day life, professional life or at organizational level is in need of Cyber Security.

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Security Assessment

Security assessment is the key aspect for any organization. This will help organization to identify various risk at operational and technology levels so that timely and corrective actions can be taken to avoid any business disruption. BPMLinks provides in depth security assessment services that will help organization to find the gaps and remediate at the early stage.

Vulnerability Assessment

In current days of digital world sources of vulnerabilities are virtually unlimited. Prevention is better than cure. Identifying, analysing and remediating the gaps reduces the chances of successful attacks. BPMLinks offer advanced VAPT (Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing) services that helps organizations to fix the gaps early in the game and also meets compliance requirements, and enables secure coding on their critical assets and applications. With VAPT services, organizations can streamline their processes, controls, applications, system, network etc. Its an ongoing periodic activity which will strengthen security posture of the organization.

Audit and Compliance

Audit and compliance services are helps organizations to maintain any regulatory and compliance requirements like PCI-DSS , HIPPA, SOX etc. BPMLinks offers Audit and compliance services through systematic processes and tools that help organizations to identify gaps and meet the external/regulatory and compliance requirements.


BPMLinks provides cybersecurity consulting services to its clients, defines a clear roadmap of their cybersecurity requirements. BPMLinks leverages the competency of a well-structured team of industry hardened experts from various disciplines within the Cyber Security space to provide the necessary guidance & solutions to its clients in identifying & articulating their security requirements and deploying the required method to reach the targeted objective. As a part of extending consulting services, BPMLINKS utilizes the Assessments, Proof Of Concepts, Frameworks, Remediation Strategies and a host of other consulting frameworks from across the core cyber security domains like Network Security, cloud security, Application Security, Attack Surface Management, GRC etc. and enables the client with the best in class cyber security solution that the Industry has got to offer.

Managed security services

BPMLinks banks on its pool of technical experts and provides Managed Security Services for a host of Cyber Security requirements like Identity and Access management, Vulnerability Management, Endpoint Security, Network Security, GRC, cloud security services etc. BPMLinks leverages its vast pool of experienced talent which works in an on-going engagement with the client with well defined & agreed KPIs. Our Managed Services truly ensure that the security posture of any our client doesn’t get compromised. The dedicated resource pool combined with Delivery Hardened Accelerators such as Scorecards, SOPs provide the perfect amalgamation of maturity & vigour to deliver, the promise of excellence in sync with client expectations.