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Cyber Security Application for Clarium Capital Management

March 17, 2021

Clarium Capital Management is an investment management firm that pursues a global macro strategy, seeking absolute returns through high conviction, directional investments and fundamental themes under appreciated by the market place. Clarium Capital Management has selected BPMLinks to develop a Cyber Security Application, Assessor+, for performing an initial assessment of their information assurance level based on the controls defined by the Critical Security Controls and the Council on cyber security. Assessor+ adopts a 360-degree view of the cyber security program in areas such as process, people and technology, and provides quantifiable maturity scores for the cyber security program along with a comprehensive improvement plan to address the gaps. The application assists in meeting regulatory compliance and industry standards, in addition to transforming the inefficient processes across the organization into a unified Governance, Risk and Compliance program. The solution adopts a holistic and risk-based approach in order to build a proper cyber security strategy. It offers a drastic reduction of time in risk assessment with a broader range of governance and cyber security frameworks to work with.

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